Don’t dissolve the assembly: There is an alternative with an overwhelming majority!

There is a possibility that in order to spite the Pakatan, Khalid may call for the dissolution of the Selangor State Assembly.

wan azizah

He may not be concerned about rules and laws and norms that will have to be observed to overcome the present predicament that Selangor is embroiled in. And Selangor is in this mess because of him!

With Pas’ unanimous decision to stick with Pakatan, it is crystal clear that Khalid cannot any longer pretend that he has the majority support. Forty-three assembly persons stand solidly together opposed to him continuing as the Menteri Besar of Selangor.

What he has are the 12 Umno assembly members with him, and including himself, all that he has are 13 members of the assembly throwing their support for him. This is minuscule support that does not even amount to 25 per cent of the assembly.

Compared to this, Pakatan has more than 75 per cent support which is a whopping majority! This majority must be recognised and respected when arriving at a decision.

We do not have a hung situation in the assembly to consider a unity government or a minority one. This situation does not even warrant the dissolution of the assembly as a way out. A solution is staring at us which is in accordance with the democratic tradition.

Khalid has no alternative but to step down as the Menteri Besar of Selangor and concede that Pakatan has the sole right to form the next Selangor state government.

Following the democratic principles, the party commanding the majority in the state assembly must be called upon to form the next government. If we are law abiding and respect the rule of law, then we must observe this simple democratic principle and allow Pakatan to form the government.

To ensure that democracy prevails, NGOs and civil society must speak up and call for the appointment of the next MB from Pakatan to replace Khalid.

Either a civil society organisation or Pakatan must launch an on-line petition calling for the norms of democracy to be observed by demanding the appointment of the Pakatan candidate as the next MB of Selangor. If 100,000 people were to make this call, it cannot be ignored.

Let the will of the people be known.

P Ramakrishnan
17 August 2014

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P Ramakrishnan
P Ramakrishan, the long-serving former president of Aliran, has been granted a respite and now happily serves as an Aliran executive committee member. He has carried the flag for human rights and democracy for Aliran since its inception in 1977, when the term 'human rights' was considered something of a dirty word.


  1. In Perak, the BN managed to wrest control of the state with a razor thin majority without any state assembly dissolution/fresh election despite being vehemently pushed for by the PR with the contention that they were democratically elected and were still enjoying the majority support of the people. Their (the PR) demands were brushed aside by the Sultan and the court and the a new government was duly installed. Taking this as a precedence, the idea of dissolution or fresh election should not even be considered as long as a new MB can be elected with a simple majority, not to mention the three-quarter majority the current PKR-DAP-PAS coalition is now enjoying.

  2. Political Parties change guard all the time. BN does it always and it is a political strategy. Change of MB was decided in january, why khalid had to create chaos now? This is politics. Who ever commands majority in the assembly get to be MB. The whole episode is not what it seems. Someone from behind the scenes is playing a very dirty game and Khalid is playing tool out of hatred to Azmin. khalid is not as smart after all. His stupidity has now erased his otherwise excellent legacy.

  3. Yes, let us show our solidarity of support for the removal of partyless Khalid
    tru the on-line petition.

  4. The decision of the majority should prevail now that it has been
    decided by the relevant parties.

    • Disolve the Assembly TSKI I and rakyat Selangor support you to dissolve the Assembly. Tak guna lagi you pertahan the Assebbly. Kita baru tengok betul ke orang Selangor nak Jijah jadi MB. Habis lebor PKR. mati terus PKR jika ada undi, boleh kata semua kariah mesjid aku sokong TSKI …

  5. I do not agree that Khalid or anyone is fully responsible foe the shamble that is going on in Selangor. AI is solely responsible for the entire predicament that is going on. When he couldn’t become the PM he went for the second best position there is in the circumstances and that is the position of the MB of Selangor. As a consequence the Kalang state assemblyman in a very secure opposition seat resigned, I might add for no reason, to make way for AI to contest in the by election so that he can become the MB of Selangor.

    That was his plan until he was convicted in court that would have disqualified him from first becoming a state assembly man and hence becoming the MB of Selangor. By then his aspiration to become some one of important vanished, he then had his wife nominated as the candidate, as she always does as his proxy, just like her previous state.
    But then what he may have planned but the Umno schmucks have other plans for him and the rest is public knowledge. Isn’t all these shambles are the results of his aspirations.

    There is no question of the legal right of the PKR to nominate who is to become the MB but the stance that Khalid is taking is definitely adding fuel to the fire that lead to the present chaos. But Khalid is only doing what AI would have done in the circumstances that he is in. After all AI and the repugnant Mahathir were Khalid’s mentors.


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