Category: 2012 Web Specials

The malaise of being a Muslim? 4

The malaise of being a Muslim?

Mustafa K Anuar explains why Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali’s recent claim – that Malay-Muslim business people are at a disadvantage compared to their non-Muslim counterparts because Islam prohibits Muslims from being involved in haram...

Cecil Rajendra wins Suhakam award 2

Cecil Rajendra wins Suhakam award

Penang-based lawyer and poet Cecil Rajendra, a long-time contributor to Aliran, has received Suhakam’s award under the individual category for his efforts in promoting human rights in Malaysia.

Apocalypse right now 0

Apocalypse right now

Perched quietly on a snow-laden rock, Mustafa K Anuar recalls what had happened to our beloved country in the last few months prior to impending catastrophe.

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