Category: 2012 Web Specials

The malaise of being a Muslim? 4

The malaise of being a Muslim?

Mustafa K Anuar explains why Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali’s recent claim – that Malay-Muslim business people are at a disadvantage compared to their non-Muslim counterparts because Islam prohibits Muslims from being involved in haram...

Cecil Rajendra wins Suhakam award 2

Cecil Rajendra wins Suhakam award

Penang-based lawyer and poet Cecil Rajendra, a long-time contributor to Aliran, has received Suhakam’s award under the individual category for his efforts in promoting human rights in Malaysia.

Apocalypse right now 0

Apocalypse right now

Perched quietly on a snow-laden rock, Mustafa K Anuar recalls what had happened to our beloved country in the last few months prior to impending catastrophe.

Figuratively speaking 0

Figuratively speaking

Finger-pointing at the outsiders of Kuantan as a way of locating the cause of doubts, as the Pahang Chief Minister did, is as much a figure of speech as it can be a literal...

Whining and dining 1

Whining and dining

Perhaps the simplest idea we can think of to resolve Malaysia’s problems would be to dispose of those who created these problems in the first place, writes Zaharom Nain.

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