Category: 2008 Web Specials

Rest in Peace, Islam Hadari 0

Rest in Peace, Islam Hadari

Observers of Malaysian politics both at home and abroad have already begun to write the political obituary of the country’s embattled Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Perhaps the biggest loss for Malaysia in the...

An Eid in Jogjakarta 0

An Eid in Jogjakarta

Spontaneous street parades popped up from nowhere, neighbourhood street bands and school bands marched up and down every street and alley, fireworks popped and fizzed in the sky and every home was lit with...

Eidul Fitri in prison 0

Eidul Fitri in prison

Like the famous scholar Ibn Khaldun a long time ago, there are thousands who languish today in the prisons of the Muslim world as political prisoners who are deemed a danger to the prevailing...

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