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Inter-religious dialogue with social substance 0

Inter-religious dialogue with social substance

Are our religious leaders and followers ready for interfaith dialogue that has social substance or will they remain in interactions that are limited to religious festivals, symbols, unproductive demonstrations and superficial tolerance, wonders Ronald...

Stop the raging bull 4

Stop the raging bull

The BN ‘bull’ seems too far gone to see reason and its blind and deaf rage only confirms what the people have realised since 8 March 2008: it has to go, observes Rakyat Jelata.

Whither the voice of reason? 0

Whither the voice of reason?

Henry Loh refuses to be alarmed by the recent actions of race-based groups who are unable or have lost the ability to reason. Instead, he is hopeful that the majority of Malaysians are peace...

A different Merdeka Eve 0

A different Merdeka Eve

Unlike previously, this year’s official celebrations unfolded with government politicians casting a keen eye towards having to recapture lost ground in the imminent general election, writes Yeoh Seng Guan.

Smelly business in Kangar 0

Smelly business in Kangar

When the Kangar Municipal Council tried to terminate the unsatisfactory services of a privatised rubbish collection contractor, it was told that the contractor had a 22-year contract with a federal entity. Francis Loh describes...

Janji ditepati: Mana sudah pergi? 0

Janji ditepati: Mana sudah pergi?

In recent days, those still watching television might have noticed that the Merdeka dittie ‘Janji Ditepati‘ has been increasingly scarce. What has happened to this song, wonders our correspondent.

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