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Carcosa: A story of betrayal 0

Carcosa: A story of betrayal

A word of advice for people, say from Sik or Selama: if you stray into Carcosa, remember that if you cannot pronounce the French dishes, you probably cannot afford them, reports our correspondent.

On (not) burning the Qur’an 1

On (not) burning the Qur’an

Can discerning Malaysian citizens be blamed for wondering whether there is any substantive difference between Pastor Terry Jones’s warped sense of religious duty and similar misguided views shared by others on our own shores,...

BN leaders wary of reforms 0

BN leaders wary of reforms

The current BN leaders are pre-occupied with self-fulfilment and hesitant about pushing for reforms for fear of losing power. Maybe they could learn a few things from our southern neighbour, suggests Christopher Barnabas.

Lighting candles 0

Lighting candles

The simple act of actively lighting candles is perhaps dangerous if it illuminates the darkness of ignorance, oppression and injustice, says Yeoh Seng Guan.

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