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Pro-ISA rowdies: To what purpose? 0

Pro-ISA rowdies: To what purpose?

No doubt the rowdies in Penang who disrupted an anti-ISA forum had their moment in the limelight, but the damage done, however, was not to the anti-ISA campaign, but to themselves, observes Ms Batik.

The minimum wage farce 1

The minimum wage farce

There is a chance that the government may institute a minimum wage, says Rani Rasiah. But the catch is it is likely to be merely cosmetic, and not a minimum living wage.

Education policy flip flops 1

Education policy flip flops

The government’s flip-flop over the use of Malay and English for teaching Science and Mathematics is irresponsible, says Rani Rasiah. What is clear is that these are political decisions to please certain groups and...

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