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Education policy flip flops 1

Education policy flip flops

The government’s flip-flop over the use of Malay and English for teaching Science and Mathematics is irresponsible, says Rani Rasiah. What is clear is that these are political decisions to please certain groups and...

Link environment to human rights 1

Link environment to human rights

We should include environmental conservation advocacy in human rights advocacy as this goes to the very core of the overriding right to life for all living things on this planet, says Angeline Loh.

The laughter crescendos! 3

The laughter crescendos!

Does the current ruling party fear being laughed out of government at the next general election? That would make us the pioneers of a ‘Laughing Revolution’, says Fool’s Paradise.

Gerakan’s ‘Animal Farm’ 2

Gerakan’s ‘Animal Farm’

Gone are the days when Gerakan had brave lions and wise leaders such as Syed Hussein Alatas, Tan Chee Khoon, V David, and in recent times, former member Toh Kin Woon. Today the party...

“I had a dream” 0

“I had a dream”

Mustafa K Anuar had this strange dream the other night. It was of a Malaysia where everything was just the opposite of the current state of affairs in Bolehland.

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