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Get real, Suhakam! 1

Get real, Suhakam!

If children cannot be protected against an exploitative and unjust system, what is the rationale for standing in their way when they participate in actions to demand their rights, asks Rani Rasiah.

What is 1Malaysia? Is it real or a gimmick? 2

What is 1Malaysia? Is it real or a gimmick?

The government’s vindictive policy in denying Opposition MPs development allocations is one thing. But to deny Malaysian voters their share of legitimate development simply because they elected Opposition MPs is totally unacceptable, asserts P...

We have to speak up 1

We have to speak up

Our political leaders dare not condemn a vocal minority who threaten our unity. And if concerned voices and responsible leaders and caring Malaysians do not rise up and speak up, we will be a...

Perak MB should walk the talk 3

Perak MB should walk the talk

Last month, a villager from Kampung DBI in Buntong died from a snake-bite. Things would have been different if the Perak Mentri Besar had been more responsive to the people, writes Rani Rasiah.

Pro-ISA rowdies: To what purpose? 0

Pro-ISA rowdies: To what purpose?

No doubt the rowdies in Penang who disrupted an anti-ISA forum had their moment in the limelight, but the damage done, however, was not to the anti-ISA campaign, but to themselves, observes Ms Batik.

The minimum wage farce 1

The minimum wage farce

There is a chance that the government may institute a minimum wage, says Rani Rasiah. But the catch is it is likely to be merely cosmetic, and not a minimum living wage.

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