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Lim Kit Siang: The legend 10

Lim Kit Siang: The legend

Kit’s indomitable spirit has turned him into an institution that has survived six Malaysian Prime Ministers, writes P Ramakrishnan.

Aliran Monthly 31: 3 editor’s note 2

Aliran Monthly 31: 3 editor’s note

The upcoming Sarawak state election has grabbed our attention and the outcome could have far-reaching implications for both BN and Pakatan. Faizal S Hazis looks at the hot seats and wonders whether electoral dynamics...

Sleepless in Sarawak 4

Sleepless in Sarawak

Whichever way you look at it, the political outlook does not appear rosy for Taib and the other component BN party leaders who are so dependent on his patronage, writes Abang Benet.

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