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Aliran Monthly 31: 1 editor’s note 1

Aliran Monthly 31: 1 editor’s note

Genuine people-centred reforms and greater respect for human rights and civil liberties in Malaysia remain an illusion. Instead what we see are publicity stunts, slogans and spin, says Martin Jalleh as he takes us...

Speak to us, Mama 0

Speak to us, Mama

Horrified by the carnage during the Gulf War in 1991, Fan Yew Teng tapped furiously on his typewriter to come up with this emotionally charged poem.

Commission of courage 0

Commission of courage

In a piece written in 1995, Fan Yew Teng challenges the Election Commission chief to emulate the trail-blazing success of his courageous and independent-minded Indian counterpart.

Fan Yew Teng 1

Fan Yew Teng

P Ramakrishnan gives us a glimpse into the life and times of the late Fan Yew Teng, an extraordinary political activist who refused to be cowed or muzzled.

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