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Pathetic and powerless parliament 6

Pathetic and powerless parliament

The worsening crisis of parliamentary democracy has reduced the Prime Minister’s much vaunted promise of real change to sheer hype, writes Martin Jalleh.

No plastic bags … won’t die-lah! 0

No plastic bags … won’t die-lah!

Are we ready to take on the ‘no plastic bags’ challenge which will spur initiative and creativity to a higher level to save ourselves and our planet, wonders Angeline Loh.

Best bloated bureaucracy! 0

Best bloated bureaucracy!

Even as the country’s debt level rises, the bureaucracy remains bloated, bleeding the fiscal budget, observes Martin Jalleh.

Damning diaspora data 0

Damning diaspora data

Many Malaysians have voted with their feet, as they emigrated to greener pastures, citing affirmative action policies as hindrances to returning to their homeland, observes Martin Jalleh.

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