Category: 2012

Multiculturalism vs Divide-and-rule 0

Multiculturalism vs Divide-and-rule

Mustafa K Anuar reviews a compelling book for those those concerned about Islam, identity politics, power relations, ethnic relations and democracy in Malaysia.

Twilight 0


Umno is like a drowning man clutching at a floating straw to save his life, says Hishamuddin Yahaya.

2013 – Time for a new government 7

2013 – Time for a new government

Even a cursory consideration of the Pakatan performance as administrators of five states will establish that they are fair, reasonable and, most importantly, not corrupt, observes Tommy Thomas.

Dialogue with a Rohingya refugee 2

Dialogue with a Rohingya refugee

Far away from their homeland, the Rohingyas in Malaysia can only wring their hands in despair over the agonising hardships faced by their families at home, writes Angeline Loh.

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