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Sleepless in Sarawak 4

Sleepless in Sarawak

Whichever way you look at it, the political outlook does not appear rosy for Taib and the other component BN party leaders who are so dependent on his patronage, writes Abang Benet.

Maika: Bleeding again 0

Maika: Bleeding again

This is an article written by P Ramakrishnan in 2003, tracing the roots of the Maika-Telekom share allocation scandal.

Robin the Hood 0

Robin the Hood

Robin Hood, legendary hero of English folklore, stole from the rich to give to the poor. In Malaysia, for more than fifty years the BN government at district town/city council, state and federal levels...

An early general election? 0

An early general election?

For deep-rooted change to take place, a society’s value system has to be transformed to make them more sensitive to the importance of protecting the environment and empowering marginalised communities, says Anil Netto.

Ibn Taymiyyah and his fatwa on terrorism 0

Ibn Taymiyyah and his fatwa on terrorism

The ulama opposing terrorism are repeatedly emphasising the religious plurality of the world today and no medieval opinions expressed by jurists can be valid, asserts Asghar Ali Engineer.

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