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Anwar’s Sodomy 1 revisited 1

Anwar’s Sodomy 1 revisited

But before change can take place, a sense of deja vu has hit us with Anwar once again back in court. We reproduce a chilling statutory declaration from 1998 by Dr Munawar Ahmad Anees,...

The Lawless Brigade 0

The Lawless Brigade

Tan Sri, you are setting a fine example by riding pillion on a motor-bike without wearing a crash helmet, in total violation of the law, writes Tota in our Thinking Allowed column. 

Who are the poor in Malaysia? 0

Who are the poor in Malaysia?

The poor often get a raw deal. Francis Loh observes they can be found within every ethnic group. Thus, he says, efforts to eradicate poverty should cater for all. 

‘People first’ hypocrisy 0

‘People first’ hypocrisy

Rani Rasiah takes up the theme by looking at the hypocrisy of the ‘people first’ slogan in a system which squeezes low-income workers on all fronts. Low wages without proper retrenchment compensation only results...

Penang Forum 2: Has anything changed after two years? 0

Penang Forum 2: Has anything changed after two years?

Has political change resulted in radical transformation? Anil Netto reports on Penang Forum 2, which discussed to what extent the state has moved towards participatory democracy and sustainable development since the watershed 2008 general...

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