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Blues over education system 0

Blues over education system

Over the long-term real change will be facilitated through a revamp of the education system which, as Teacher’s Blues describes, now falls desperately short of expectations.

Ketuanan Melayu vs Cucu Dato’ Merah 0

Ketuanan Melayu vs Cucu Dato’ Merah

Hishamuddin Yahaya says racial sloganeering could become irrelevant if a new government takes over that is better able to promote democracy and socio-economic and cultural justice. 

BTN course 0

BTN course

Aliran Monthly’s Thinking Allowed column takes a light-hearted look at the BTN course, no cover-up at a nudist colony, protection for whistleblowers and then declares that Umno is not a racist party! 

Democracy undermined 0

Democracy undermined

Forces are at work to subvert the voters’ choice in the last general election while others are playing up emotive issues of race and religion for political ends, warns P Ramakrishnan. 

The Tunku, Merdeka and Malaysia 1

The Tunku, Merdeka and Malaysia

Perhaps, in these troubled times, it is time for us to recall the Tunku’s legacy. After 52 years of nationhood, let us demand greater accountability, integrity and compassion, says V Chakaravarthy.  

Action stations! “No” to the regressive GST! 0

Action stations! “No” to the regressive GST!

Malaysians could suffer even more with the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST-driven inflation would be a calamity that the struggling lower-income group could do without, says Jeyakumar Devaraj.

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