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Old vs New Politics in Malaysia 0

Old vs New Politics in Malaysia

The central argument in this volume of 27 essays on Malaysian politics and society, is that there exists a conflict between the BN’s Old Politics which is essentially ethnic-based and characterised by money politics,...

Traitors and terrorists 0

Traitors and terrorists

Tok Bahaman, Mat Kilau, Tok Gajah and Tok Janggut were dubbed “traitors” by the British and Chin Peng and his followers were dubbed “terrorists”, observes Hishamuddin Yahaya.

Vistas of detention… voices of freedom 0

Vistas of detention… voices of freedom

Long years have passed, yet the fire that burns in the hearts of these ex-detainees remains aglow. Tan Pek Leng reviews an inspiring new book of poems and prose of women and men who...

‘Prophets of doom’ provide hope 1

‘Prophets of doom’ provide hope

Dissenters, critics, whistle blowers and ‘prophets of doom’ are essential cornerstones for building an accountable and just democracy, observes Angeline Loh.

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