2009: 4

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As Najib marks a hundred days in office as Prime Minister, the country is faced with political problems at a time of increasing economic difficulties, leaving the lower-income group most vulnerable. John Inbaraj writes an open plea to the PM, urging him to ensure that the poor can walk with dignity.

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Politicians need to be reminded not to abdicate their responsibility or forget their promises, writes Dalbinder Singh Gill, regarding the plight of villagers in Penang who are facing eviction from their homes.

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Perak has recorded a series of “unique achievements” in the constitutional crisis facing the state, making it OnePerak indeed, observes Martin Jalleh.

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We reproduce a series of public statements from prominent personalities, mostly urging the BN team to go back to the Perak people and let them resolve the constitutional crisis at the ballot box once and for all.