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Two dramatic days 0

Two dramatic days

The police tried everything – arrests, intimidation, and the media. They failed to dampen the Jerit cycling team’s spirit. Each day was a struggle, but on the final day, it was Jerit that recorded...

Pedal power 0

Pedal power

In the Jerit “Cycle for Change” campaign, Rani Rasiah describes how a group of young Malaysians stunningly overcame the odds to highlight the concerns of the working class and marginalised groups. Among the cyclists’...

Yoga? I remember ‘mandi safar’ 0

Yoga? I remember ‘mandi safar’

Mandi safar to us non-Malays meant a licence from our parents to play in the river because we were taken care of by the Malay families with whom we had tagged along. It was...

The Labour Party of Malaya, 1952–1972 1

The Labour Party of Malaya, 1952–1972

The rise and demise of the Labour Party of Malaya was an important experience of socialist politics in Malaysia.  Mistakes were made and many leaders and members paid a heavy price for them. Even...

Driven to serve 0

Driven to serve

The late Dr M K Rajakumar’s life was driven by service to others without regard to what he might gain in return, observes Dr Agoes Salim.

Remembering Dr M K Rajakumar 0

Remembering Dr M K Rajakumar

I still remember the late Dr M K Rajakumar’s message the day before I was smuggled out of the country: “Hamid, have faith in the struggle, keep safe..,” recalls Syed Hamid Ali.

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