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Use your illusions 0

Use your illusions

Nothing was decided with Obama’s victory, but it widens our freedom and thereby the scope of our decisions, says Slavoj Lilek.

Sahabatku – My friend 0

Sahabatku – My friend

This tribute to the late Dr M K Rajakumar comes in the form of a poem which the late national literary laureate Usman Awang composed in Malay – and which Wong Soak Koon has...

A letter to our readers 0

A letter to our readers

For over 30 years, Aliran has been a beacon for Malaysian society in many important ways. Aliran provides a rallying point for citizens and civic organisations concerned with freedom, justice and democracy. Aliran defends...

Committed to the cause 0

Committed to the cause

The late Dr Rajakumar believed that a society based on justice and solidarity is possible, says Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj in a tribute to the former Labour Party leader. 

Food for thought 1

Food for thought

Academicians, NGO representative and grassroots communities came together to articulate a Malaysian response in the face of the global food price crisis, reports Jojo M Fung, SJ.

Global food crisis: A review 0

Global food crisis: A review

Governments must have the right to regulate markets to ensure a sufficient supply of food at reasonable prices for everyone, says Subramaniam Pillay.

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