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Memories of ISA 0

Memories of ISA

We feature a glimpse of what certain ISA detainees went through in the past and also showcase a collection of books by previous ISA detainees, recounting their painful experience in detention.

“I felt very close to God” 0

“I felt very close to God”

Abdullah’s regime can only take the freedom from my body but it can never take the heaven from my heart for God alone is sufficient for us, writes Sheih ‘Kickdefella’ of his experience in...

“It was not in vain” 0

“It was not in vain”

“I felt that my detention had been arranged in such a way that God was trying to use my innocence to educate the public on politics,” says Teresa Kok. She was arrested on 12...

First time to Kamunting Detention Centre 0

First time to Kamunting Detention Centre

I promised Pet that I would do everything I possibly could with the help of the people to get him released and I would stay strong and tough to keep that promise, recalls Marina...

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