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Rustam Sani 1944-2008 0

Rustam Sani 1944-2008

The world that many hope is now coming into being is a world that Rustam would have loved and in which he would have thrived, and flourished, and delighted, writes Clive Kessler.

Are we a failed nation? 0

Are we a failed nation?

The greatest tribute that we all could give the late Rustam Sani is to take the messages in his recently launched book and work in our own ways towards a better Malaysia, says his...

Gentleman public intellectual 0

Gentleman public intellectual

We carry a series of tributes to Malaysia’s leading public intellectual, the late Rustam Sani, who was also an Aliran member. He was a man of integrity and conviction and his only agenda was...

Workers, rise to the occasion! 0

Workers, rise to the occasion!

Rising food and fuel prices mean the real purchasing power of workers’ wages is plunging fast. What we have seen is economic growth that has only benefited business owners, thus increasing the income divide....

Aliran Monthly 28: 4 editor’s note 0

Aliran Monthly 28: 4 editor’s note

These are exciting times for Malaysia. Following the political tsunami, many analysts have discussed the new political landscape in the country. One crucial area, however, has not received enough attention: the changing dynamics of...

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