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Refugee voices 0

Refugee voices

It’s not often we get to hear refugees speak for themselves about the circumstances that forced them to flee from their homeland and their plight in Malaysia. Here are stories from three refugees, edited...

Waste not, dump not 0

Waste not, dump not

Pakatan state governments must look at alternative options for solid waste management that build on public participation, writes Ong Eu Soon.

Malaysia’s centralised federal system 0

Malaysia’s centralised federal system

Compared with those states in other countries using a federal-state system, the constituent states in Malaysia play relatively limited roles in relation to the centre. Francis Loh examines the factors that have contributed towards...

Restructuring federal-state relations 0

Restructuring federal-state relations

As the posturings over federal-state relations intensify, BN Members of Parliament from Sabah and Sarawak have seized the opportunity to flex their electoral muscles. Despite their differences with one another, it is significant that...

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