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A new dawn? 0

A new dawn?

Philip Khoo looks back at the general election and surmises that it wasn’t quite a new dawn but it was a liberation all the same. We now need to rise above pursuing mere economic...

Dangerous cargo transportation: How serious are we? 0

Dangerous cargo transportation: How serious are we?

Players in the shipping industry are puzzled at the Port Klang Authority’s about-turn in liberalising the issuance of Container Packing Certificates, observes Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan. The message must be clear. Anyone that plays...

Dumbos aplenty 0

Dumbos aplenty

If the Pakatan Rakyat does not watch it, sooner than the next four years or so, the rakyat will gather at your gate and exclaim: “Dumb animals they!” and the inevitable will follow. You...

Give us this day our daily bread 0

Give us this day our daily bread

From mega projects Dr M has come full circle to launching teeny-weeny projects, observes our Loafer. Finally, his Look East Policy appears to have borne fruit or, should we say, bread. Dr M, in...

Bapa Corridor 0

Bapa Corridor

The honoured title of “Bapa Malaysia” was conferred by a grateful nation on our beloved and revered founding father, Tunku Abdul Rahman. Will Abdullah become known as “Bapa Corridor”, wonders Tota.

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