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How will Keadilan fare? 0

How will Keadilan fare?

 Anwar at a ceramah in Kelantan on 8 February 2008 With Pas and the DAP expected to make gains, all eyes are on how Keadilan will fare. Terence Netto explores whether Keadilan’s multi-racial agenda...

You owe your goodies to the Opposition 0

You owe your goodies to the Opposition

If it was not for the Opposition, there would be no goodies or development for the people, says P Ramakrishnan. Where there were no contests when certain candidates were returned unopposed, the BN did...

Don 0


A just government will treat all its citizens justly. It will not discriminate neither will it punish them for voting in an opposition politician. After all, in the electoral process such a choice is...

Making candidates accountable 0

Making candidates accountable

We desperately need candidates who are trustworthy and accountable, those who will nurture and defend the democratic process, says Prema Devaraj.

Cyber activism, the new frontier 0

Cyber activism, the new frontier

The People’s Parliament shows how Malaysians use digital technology to advance cyber advocacy and activism, writes Helen Ang. One of its initiatives is the "Boycott the newspapers" campaign.

Giving two-thirds 0

Giving two-thirds

We have witnessed how the BN has taken away all our rights and freedom because the BN had a two-thirds’ majority to amend the Federal Constitution. To safeguard our rights and freedom we must...

Abolish the ISA 0

Abolish the ISA

ISA detainees’ families are hurting and suffering, says Syed Ibrahim Syed Nor. The solution is not just to provide welfare aid to the families but to release the detainees and get rid of this...

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