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The Justice system 0

The Justice system

As you go out to vote, think of the justice system in Malaysia, urges our special correspondent Pro-justice.The way justice and legal systems function in Malaysia is a serious cause for concern. The call...

A thinking voter’s checklist 0

A thinking voter’s checklist

 Not sure which party to vote for? Let us reflect on a few crucial issues. This time, when the general election comes, many of us might be swayed by propaganda that things are going...

Is the BN 0

Is the BN

Is our current model of economic development sustainable in the long-run, wonders Anil Netto. What will happen when our oil wells dry up? What has been the environmental cost? These are issues that our...

Are our priorities right? 0

Are our priorities right?

We spent a cool RM20 million for a Malaysian to hitch a ride in a Russian space taxi.  Our space hero is busy running a sea-food restaurant. Despite a lot of hot air about...

How will Keadilan fare? 0

How will Keadilan fare?

 Anwar at a ceramah in Kelantan on 8 February 2008 With Pas and the DAP expected to make gains, all eyes are on how Keadilan will fare. Terence Netto explores whether Keadilan’s multi-racial agenda...

You owe your goodies to the Opposition 0

You owe your goodies to the Opposition

If it was not for the Opposition, there would be no goodies or development for the people, says P Ramakrishnan. Where there were no contests when certain candidates were returned unopposed, the BN did...

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