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V Ganabathirau: ISA detainee 0

V Ganabathirau: ISA detainee

Tony Pua takes a close-up look at one of the Hindraf Five, V Ganabathirau, and discovers not a racist, but a concerned Malaysian who has selflessly sacrificed a lot in his quest for a...

On Robert Redford 0

On Robert Redford

Munching popcorn in a cinema, Wong Soak Koon ponders over a string of intriguing issues such as involvement in society, erosion of media ethics, and culpability for loss of lives in times of war.

March for freedom 0

March for freedom

With the general election around the corner, many Malaysians have expressed concerned about the integrity of the electoral process. Subramaniam Pillay, for his part, recalls how delighted he was to participate with his better...

Aliran Monthly 27:11 editor’s note 0

Aliran Monthly 27:11 editor’s note

The elections are around the corner! In our cover story, Francis Loh paints a realistic picture of what’s in store for the various political parties and assesses their chances in the various types of...

Levels of faith: Stone, water and air 0

Levels of faith: Stone, water and air

Many are searching for clarity in a materialistic world confused by permissiveness, blatant consumerism, unbridled consumption and casino-market economics on one side while poverty, violence and hate stare at us on the other. We...

Is Malaysia going down the Mandalay Road? 0

Is Malaysia going down the Mandalay Road?

Malaysian voters, civil society groups and opposition parties are waiting to see how the Barisan Nasional responds to the clamour for free and fair elections and democratic rights, writes Angeline Loh.

The government must be prepared to listen 0

The government must be prepared to listen

Dozens more have been detained today around the KLCC area in connection with a protest by the Coalition Against Inflation (Protes). Resorting to heavy-handed action to quell peaceful rallies is not the best solution....

Rage against the Machine 0

Rage against the Machine

Zooming in on what is going in Malaysian society in the aftermath of recent demonstrations organised by lawyers, the Bersih coalition and Hindraf, Khoo Boo Teik observes that the goodwill that was shown to...

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