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Is ‘Malay cowardice’ really a problem? 0

Is ‘Malay cowardice’ really a problem?

Rustam Sani wonders if ‘Malay cowardice’ is really a problem as some once-powerful Umno leaders suggest. Former leaders like Mahathir must begin to accept the fact that they themselves have been a part of...

Plantation giants abdicate responsibility 0

Plantation giants abdicate responsibility

All the Malaysia Plan documents have classified estate workers as among the poor and disadvantaged sectors in Malaysia. What the government has failed to do is to add specific provisions to regulations regarding termination...

30 years of Aliran: An unending journey 0

30 years of Aliran: An unending journey

A moment comes in the history of a nation when its citizens are asked to bear testimony to their belief in justice and truth. That defining moment will soon be coming with the next...

Tun Ismail: Autocrat or democrat? 0

Tun Ismail: Autocrat or democrat?

Did Tun Ismail preside over a golden age of democracy and liberalism? An Aliran Monthly reader finds Johan Saravanamuttu’s review of Ooi Kee Beng’s book on the late Tun Dr Ismail rather disturbing. Johan...

A really Burok shooting 0

A really Burok shooting

In the Batu Burok gathering, why did the plainclothes policeman not fire into the air – even if it is true he was being threatened – instead of choosing to shoot directly at unarmed...

Politics of disappearance 0

Politics of disappearance

Yeo Yang Poh warns us that ‘the politics of disappearance’ – the gradual disappearance of societal pillars such as justice, fairness, democracy and accountability – is becoming more pervasive in Malaysia. It is time...

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