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Viability of Bakun Dam project threatened 0

Viability of Bakun Dam project threatened

Establishing plantations in the 1.5 million hectares Bakun Catchment is likely to threaten the viability of the Bakun Dam and the Bakun HEP, warns Philip Khoo. The Sarawak state government must provide some answers...

Workers prefer dialogue but… 1

Workers prefer dialogue but…

….what are they to do when one Prime Minister after another repeatedly denies them their just and reasonable demand for a minimum wage, wonders K George.


The actors in the conflict must be trained to see the other for his or her humanness. Their faith perspectives should be drawn to express the inclusive nature of the human family. Linking the...

Minimum wage and Cola now! 0

Minimum wage and Cola now!

The government has awarded hefty pay hikes to civil servants, but private sector workers have been forgotten, say Syed Shahir bin Syed Mohamud and G Rajasekaran. The MTUC is proposing a  minimum wage of...

Slouching towards 50 0

Slouching towards 50

After so many years of Independence, has it come to this? That’s the question Cecil Rajendra asks, in this special poem to mark 50 years of Merdeka. What has gone wrong?

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