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Demonising the ‘Other’ 0

Demonising the ‘Other’

We should stop this practice and instead infuse international affairs with compassion and concern for the human being, says K Haridas.

Embracing humanity, building justice 0

Embracing humanity, building justice

Mustafa Kamal Anuar reminds us of the importance of embracing humanity and building justice. He points out that human misdeeds have poured scorn on the Grand Design that has created diverse ethnicities, communities, cultures...

Merdeka, modernity and the Lina Joy controversy 0

Merdeka, modernity and the Lina Joy controversy

Francis Loh looks at the controversy surrounding the competing civil-sharia jurisdictions in the light of the Lina Joy decision and other recent similar cases as well as the forthcoming 50th Merdeka celebrations. He argues...

Federal Constitution must remain supreme 0

Federal Constitution must remain supreme

In the Lina Joy decision, the express provisions of the Federal Constitution were made to give way to an interpretation of some form of implied jurisdiction of the sharia courts, observes Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Full Bench should have sat 0

Full Bench should have sat

The decision by the Federal Court in the Lina Joy appeal by a 2-1 majority cannot be authoritative enough for the decision to be a strong precedent from the highest court in the country. ...

Time for change 0

Time for change

If the ruling coalition is denied a two-thirds parliamentary majority, it would be forced to become accountable, to respect the people’s rights and to conduct itself responsibly and prudently. It is time to usher...

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