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Detaining Justice in Malaysia 0

Detaining Justice in Malaysia

Delayed and distorted justice in Malaysia goes against the very Islamic values that the present government seems to be promoting, points out Mustafa Kamal Anuar. Quoting chapter and verse from the Qur’an to show...

What is wrong with the NEP? 0

What is wrong with the NEP?

The most indisputable fact is that we were once at par with Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea in 1970 when the NEP was first introduced, writes Koon Yew Yin.

A season of odd and silly events 0

A season of odd and silly events

Francis Loh looks at the silly season in Malaysia, full of odd events such as the Mahathir-Abdullah spat and the Zakaria (pic) mansion fiasco. He discovers that we are stuck between the old politics...

Whither democracy? 0

Whither democracy?

Thais may accept military rule for short-term stability after the excesses of the authoritarian former premier Thaksin, who was toppled by a military coup in September 2006. But  the longer the military remains, the...

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