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Anil Netto dives into the Auditor General’s Report, and discovers that ‘goodwill’ has its price: RM4 billion over four years, to be exact.

Food, fun and learning 0

Food, fun and learning

On a lighter note, Khoo Boo Teik reviews a book on a subject close to our hearts – or rather stomachs: Penang food, one of the few things here we can claim to be...

Workers, know your rights 0

Workers, know your rights

K George points out that Malaysian workers are often unaware of labour law provisions and goes on to enlighten them about their basic rights.

A season of shame for the USA 0

A season of shame for the USA

Wong Soak Koon is troubled by events in the United States, where many seem to be willing to condone a shameless disregard for due process. There has been a terrible down-slide in the American...

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