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Anil Netto dives into the Auditor General’s Report, and discovers that ‘goodwill’ has its price: RM4 billion over four years, to be exact.

Food, fun and learning 0

Food, fun and learning

On a lighter note, Khoo Boo Teik reviews a book on a subject close to our hearts – or rather stomachs: Penang food, one of the few things here we can claim to be...

Workers, know your rights 0

Workers, know your rights

K George points out that Malaysian workers are often unaware of labour law provisions and goes on to enlighten them about their basic rights.

A season of shame for the USA 0

A season of shame for the USA

Wong Soak Koon is troubled by events in the United States, where many seem to be willing to condone a shameless disregard for due process. There has been a terrible down-slide in the American...

The Pope and the legend of the sword 0

The Pope and the legend of the sword

The fallout from the Pope's remarks, quoting a medieval emperor, about Islam continues to be felt. Uri Avnery asks three questions: Why did the emperor say those words? Are they true? And why did...

Nazri, here are the new facts 0

Nazri, here are the new facts

Former Lord President Tun Salleh Abas lobs new facts on the 1988 Judicial Crisis for Minister Nazri Aziz to deal with. Nazri had said he would agree to a review of the crisis only...

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