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The slide in ethnic relations 0

The slide in ethnic relations

Johan Abdullah wonders whether we are now on a new threshold in ethnic relations as he senses a rise in the number of worrying incidents. He goes on to review how the character of...

Secularism in India 0

Secularism in India

There are some lessons we can learn from India whose medieval society was more religiously tolerant and open, says Asghar Ali Engineer. But divide-and-rule colonial tactics and politically divisive forces have created communal and...

Bumpy road to Bangsa Malaysia 0

Bumpy road to Bangsa Malaysia

Ethnic-based economic policies will undermine the objective of promoting national unity, warns Terence Gomez.The problem of growing intra-ethnic inequalities is evidence enough that government policies should be aimed at helping all groups in need,...

Pagar makan padi? 0

Pagar makan padi?

Perak recently raised water tariffs even though the Perak Water Board has been making healthy profits for the past five years. Jeyakumar Devaraj writes on the turbulence sparked by the hike and the controversial...

Buses wanted 0

Buses wanted

Penangites are fed up with empty promises to improve public transport, says Angeline Loh. Theirdisappointment stretches from Penang to Putrajaya, where the Prime Minister seems to have forgotten his home state.

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