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An Anwar realignment? 0

An Anwar realignment?

Campaigning for the opposition, the former deputy premier could spark a significant change in voting patterns in the coming general election, observes Wong Chin Huat, after analysing recent voting patterns.

Invisible people 0

Invisible people

After interviewing some Indian Malaysian families in an estate, in a low-cost housing area and in a longhouse within the outskirts of the Federal Territory, David Anthony was surprised – but not shocked –...

Break the silence 0

Break the silence

Burung Pipit calls on Malaysians to act now and put a stop to violence against women. We must be part of the struggle. Together we can make a difference. 

Pride and pledges 0

Pride and pledges

Malaysia’s election into the new United Nations Human Rights Council should have been a matter of pride, but Angeline Loh wonders whether the government will be able to fulfil its lofty pledges to uphold...

Political tsunami in Sarawak 0

Political tsunami in Sarawak

Philip Khoo examines how the opposition managed to make sharp inroads in the May 2006 Sarawak state elections, which saw an ethnic Chinese revolt and the neutering of the Dayaks.

Take a stand, Mr PM 0

Take a stand, Mr PM

All eyes are on the Article 11 forum in JB on Saturday, which is already shrouded in controversy and uncertainty. In the aftermath of the disrupted forum in Penang, Aliran wrote to the Prime...

How could this happen? 0

How could this happen?

Another Article 11 forum, this time in Johor Bharu on 22 July 2006. Again, opposition from certain quarters. Will the forum be allowed to proceed without disturbance? Looking back at the disrupted forum in...

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