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An Anwar realignment? 0

An Anwar realignment?

Campaigning for the opposition, the former deputy premier could spark a significant change in voting patterns in the coming general election, observes Wong Chin Huat, after analysing recent voting patterns.

Invisible people 0

Invisible people

After interviewing some Indian Malaysian families in an estate, in a low-cost housing area and in a longhouse within the outskirts of the Federal Territory, David Anthony was surprised – but not shocked –...

Break the silence 0

Break the silence

Burung Pipit calls on Malaysians to act now and put a stop to violence against women. We must be part of the struggle. Together we can make a difference. 

Pride and pledges 0

Pride and pledges

Malaysia’s election into the new United Nations Human Rights Council should have been a matter of pride, but Angeline Loh wonders whether the government will be able to fulfil its lofty pledges to uphold...

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