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Squeezed and silenced 0

Squeezed and silenced

If the government is committed to uplifting workers, it should encourage them to unionise, says K George.

Imagine a city with 30 per cent fewer cars 0

Imagine a city with 30 per cent fewer cars

Low-tech transit is the fastest route to a great city, says a Brazilian architect, Jaime Lerner, who wants to give the bus a makeover. The former mayor of the Brazilian city of Curitiba, population...

Honour or horror? 0

Honour or horror?

The concept of women as the property of men is so deeply entrenched in the social, political and economic fabric of some communities that they routinely ignore the daily occurences of women being killed and...

Living in Limbo-land 0

Living in Limbo-land

Some 20,000 ethnic Indians have been denied their right to identity and citizenship, says Ramdas Tikamdas. These are the “invisible Malaysians” who encounter unimaginable difficulties in accessing or are denied the fundamentals of human...

Another world is possible 0

Another world is possible

In another world, religion will not be a tool of exploitation in the hands of exploiters, but it will be a powerful weapon in the hands of the poor and the oppressed, says Asghar...

Brewing – Formation of a rival to MTUC 0

Brewing – Formation of a rival to MTUC

Veteran unionist K George sadly reports that a group of five unions led by Abdul Razak Hassan of the Railwaymen’s Union of Malaysia is planning to split from the MTUC. They are aligned to...

Squeezing oil out of workers 0

Squeezing oil out of workers

The working class would be the most affected group due to the recent unprecedented 30-sen oil hike. On the one hand, the Government has given a free hand to capitalists to exploit and squeeze...

Something smells in Bolehland 0

Something smells in Bolehland

… and it's not just the water, says Ong Eu Soon, in expressing horror that contaminated water could be channelled into our drinking water supply system. 

Whither the people’s agenda? 0

Whither the people’s agenda?

Polling day in Sarawak is on 20 May but, withTaib Mahmud in power for 25 longyears, Sarawakians are distinctly unexcited about the elections. How and why has the chief minister dominated Sarawak elections for...

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