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What human rights culture? 0

What human rights culture?

In 1974 a group of people concerned with human rights set up The Human Rights Organisation of Malaysia under the chairmanship of national poet Usman Awang.  The pro-tem committee included such luminaries as Boestamam,...

Where have all the (decent) buses gone? 0

Where have all the (decent) buses gone?

It’s a sad commuters tale from Penang. Half-decent City Council buses have given way to ramshackle bone-shakers and cowboy-style coaches (mini-buses) passing themselves off as buses. Angeline Loh has the story.

Bus rapid transit 0

Bus rapid transit

With oil prices reaching the stratosphere, many are crying out for good public transport. Look no farther than the efficient, cheap and profitable bus rapid transit system in Curitiba. Malaysian urban planners, take note.

Public fumes over oil price hike 0

Public fumes over oil price hike

The hike in the domestic oil prices continues to be a major cause of dissatisfaction. The government appears to be taking the easy way out by passing on the cost of its failures to...

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