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Why Mahathir axed Daim 0

Why Mahathir axed Daim

Daim’s attempt to secure overwhelming influence over the consolidated banking industry was a major cause for the rift between him and Mahathir.

Failure of the criminal justice system 0

Failure of the criminal justice system

While the Thai media and urban middle class have focused on the ongoing political deadlock in Bangkok in recent months, the violence in southern Thailand has continued unabated. There are huge question marks over...

Hasty suspension 0

Hasty suspension

The demise of The Sarawak Tribune leaves many wondering how serious the government is in promoting a democracy that values diversity and tolerance.

Aliran Monthly 26: 1 editor’s note 0

Aliran Monthly 26: 1 editor’s note

This is a special issue focusing on the proposed revamp of health care financing. Our first piece looks at the Health Ministry’s proposal, which requires Malaysians to make monthly health insurance payments to a...

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