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Aliran Monthly 2006

An Anwar realignment? 0

An Anwar realignment?

Campaigning for the opposition, the former deputy premier could spark a significant change in voting patterns in the coming general election, observes Wong Chin Huat, after analysing recent voting patterns.

Thank you, but… 0

Thank you, but…

We are grateful to those who responded to our appeal for donations last month. We are encouraged by the support and sentiments that accompanied the donations we have received:

Contrasting principles 0

Contrasting principles

In Dec 2006,  leaders and envoys of 12 Latin American nations came together for a two-day summit and signed the Cochabamba Declaration, agreeing to study the idea of forming a continent-wide community similar to...

An indispensable part of police reform 0

An indispensable part of police reform

The government appears to be dragging its feet over the key recommendation of the Royal Commission looking into the operations of the police. The IPCMC Coalition explains why we urgently need an Independent Police...

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