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Give us this day our daily bread

From mega projects Dr M has come full circle to launching teeny-weeny projects, observes our Loafer. Finally, his Look East Policy appears to have borne fruit or, should we say, bread. Dr M, in...

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Zunar’s cartoon tribute to Aliran Monthly

Malaysia’s leading political cartoonist, Zunar, who has been a faithful reader of Aliran Monthly for almost three decades, has sketched this tribute to the magazine, which is ending 33 years of publication today.

During Maulidur Rasul, some Muslims who were involved in the procession took a break at  a Chinese coffee shop. The shop is situated at one of the main roads where the procession passes by. 3

Lessons from Sarawak

Inter-religious ties are more relaxed in the state, and to preserve its grip on power, the PBB is likely to play a major role in deterring an extension of the Umno-Pas battle into Sarawak,...

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No ordinary students club

Johan Saravanamuttu reviews a book on an extraordinary students club in independence-era Singapore which had a profound impact on events on both sides of the causeway.

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Sabah – continuity or change?

The raw percentage electoral gains may seem promising to those seeking greater change but the internal damage done by opposition political strategies may prove costly, says Regina Lim.

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