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What holy month? 3

What holy month?

The voices of reason and compassion were given short shrift while shrill, hateful rhetoric was given free rein, laments Zaharom Nain.

Comments to a journalist 0

Comments to a journalist

The best and most effective way to encourage the people to be more responsible when using social media would be for the Najib regime to loosen its grip on the mainstream media, asserts Zaharom...

Desperation in December 0

Desperation in December

From the top politician to the inconsequential, their actions indicate not only that the general election is (finally!) drawing near, but also that for the first time perhaps their fate is pretty much uncertain,...

Whining and dining 1

Whining and dining

Perhaps the simplest idea we can think of to resolve Malaysia’s problems would be to dispose of those who created these problems in the first place, writes Zaharom Nain.

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