Author: Cecil Rajendra

Um . . who’s calling who? 0

Um . . who’s calling who?

In this poem, Cecil Rajendra takes to task a certain race-based party for labelling others as racists. It should take a long hard look at itself in the mirror.

Ten minutes too much 0

Ten minutes too much

Cecil Rajendra was inspired to write this poem after some politicians protested that the ten minutes allocated to make party political broadcasts over TV is not enough time.

ET Voters & Killers 3

ET Voters & Killers

Cecil Rajendra penned this poem after a High Court ruled that by virtue of Section 9A of the Election Act 1958, it cannot review, quash or set aside any electoral roll – no matter...

Slouching towards 50 0

Slouching towards 50

After so many years of Independence, has it come to this? That’s the question Cecil Rajendra asks, in this special poem to mark 50 years of Merdeka. What has gone wrong?

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