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Apocalypse begins 0

Apocalypse begins

Dealing with the current madness will not be easy or comfortable, predicts Soothsayer. So, evaluate yourselves and gauge the strength of your will power before you take the first step on this perilous journey.

The Great Migration Question 4

The Great Migration Question

2Khoo looks at the big debate about migration and the brain drain. We suffer the worst of both worlds: at the low end, we have plenty of low-skilled workers despite official policy to reduce...

Jaundiced Justice! 3

Jaundiced Justice!

To postpone the hearing of the habeas corpus applications by the PSM six who have been detained without trial under the Emergency Ordinance 1969 was the most inordinate thing to do, writes Martin Jalleh,...

Aliran Monthly 31: 6 editor’s note 2

Aliran Monthly 31: 6 editor’s note

The Bersih 2.0 gathering on 9 July and the crackdown that preceded it captures our attention in this issue. Bersih is, of course, a civil society coalition of NGOs campaigning for clean and fair...

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