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1Malaysia – Continued fragmentation 0

1Malaysia – Continued fragmentation

K Haridas looks at Najib’s ‘1Malaysia’ slogan and wonders how different it is from Mahathir’s ‘Wawasan 2020’ and Badawi’s ‘Islam hadhari’ buzz-words. Can we really trust the premier’s reform pledge?

Monkey see, monkey do 1

Monkey see, monkey do

In Malaysia, the underlings, the minions, the unfortunate wannabes also want their 15 minutes of fame. Sadly, more often it turns out to be 15 minutes of shame, observes Rom Nain.

The rise of valiant women 1

The rise of valiant women

At a time when some of us might bemoan and feel helpless in the face of an oppressive political culture, Dave Anthony says we should take heart at the emergence of a string of...

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