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Tom Fawthrop during the screening of his new documentary in Aliran recently 0

The Great Gamble on the Mekong

Tom Fawthrop speaks to BFM Radio about the construction of dams in the Mekong which could harm the ecosystem. And what do you know, a Malaysian firm is among the companies involved.

Photograph: Malaysiakini 6

Deadwood in the cabinet

Mahathir was right when he called upon Najib to get rid of the deadwood in the cabinet. A helpful Tota has come up with a priority list of deadwood to be dumped.

umno-assembly-2012 2

Umno brand of upbringing

Umno leaders have cast aspersions on Dyana Sofya’s upbringing. Tota, however, points back and invites readers to judge the upbringing of the Umno leaders themselves.

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